P R I M A L  ∆  S I G N A L S

Ruptured World is a cinematic dark ambient music project that combines atmospheric soundscapes with spoken word.

The project uses a range of audio techniques, including digital sound design, live instrumentation, field recordings and the integration and manipulation of live samples to create an otherworldly blend of sonic textures, haunted pianos, melodic signatures and subliminal drones.

Ruptured World incorporates storytelling into its unique sound palette with generic adaptations of cosmic horror, science fiction, folklore and supernatural tales of physical duress and psychological misadventure.

Undisclosed Eventualities

Thematically, Ruptured World explores the obscure territories of the Earth in relation to the mysterious properties of its landscapes, seas, skies and weather systems. At the same time, the project anticipates the existence of alien life forms and envisages the future disambiguation of unknown worlds as yet to be revealed to human understanding.  

Ruptured World also engages in reimagining the atmospheric conditions of ancient times with an aim to asserting the primal sensibilities of the human interaction with nature, both in its physical and metaphysical aspects.

Beyond Knowledge

The project searches to expose the ruptures between the present world and the peripheral worlds of the past and future and to transport the listener to unexplored realms of experience that must otherwise exist beyond our knowledge of them.

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